I received my MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta in 2015 and have been submerged in professional photography for over ten years. Commercially, I consider myself a creative portrait artist as I aim to represent each unique personality I encounters. My eye for detail favors my ability to create bold portraiture through dramatizing my subject and their environment. I enjoy a sleek commercial aesthetic and strive to create and rejuvenate the traditional take a portrait through my conceptual understandings. I believe the exclusiveness within my studio can be utilized to build brands, entertain and advertise. Some of the recent brands that I have worked for include Alternative Apparel, Turner Broadcasting, Wolf + Sun, and aijcast.

When I have time to myself I explore my conceptual understandings through the Fine Arts. I create content for humanity by bringing awareness to socio- political issues within our community. Some of my more recent project have focused on providing art for those who are visually impaired, African-American pride, and women's rights. While photography is my professional career, it is also my passion. So it goes without saying that my personal goal is to keep the fun, curiosity, and adventure of photography alive on set.  I embrace this industry and want to share my passion with every client; the essence of captivating portraiture has shaped my mind's eye to embrace a lifestyle in the photographic arts.



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