Welcome to Eley Photography! You may know me as Stephanie, the creative behind the lens, but feel free to just call me “Eley.”

I have been immersed in professional photography for over ten years. I received my MFA (Master of Fine Arts) at the Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2015. Throughout my photography career, I have worked on both commercial and non-profit assignments. Some of the recent brands I have worked for include Alternative Apparel, Turner Broadcasting, Wolf + Sun, and Remy Martin.

When it comes to commercial photography, my approach involves focusing my lens on a person in a manner that showcases their unique personality. I aim to represent their qualities through a bold portrait that dramatizes both the subject and their environment, allowing me to create and rejuvenate the traditional take on portraiture. My use of dramatic and sleek lighting distinguishes my client’s brands by helping them entertain audiences and advertise their product.

Additionally, a staple of my work is the content I create for humanity by bringing awareness to socio-political issues within our community. I am invested in creating visual platforms to nurture conversations about subcultures such as: the visually impaired, African-American's, and women’s rights. Photography is not just my professional career. It is my passion. In fact, my personal goal is to keep the fun, curiosity, and adventure of photography alive on set.

My style of photography depicts the magnificence that exists in everyone’s lives. This work presents the boldness, the expressiveness, and the real identity of each life captured. Because while photography is a storytelling medium, I hold tight to the notion that this art offers the world more by revealing life.



All imagery  ©Stephanie M. Eley Photography LLC




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