Bonded by Cycling not by Blood


This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Jake (left) and Keith from the UK (right) and Rasmus from Germany (middle).

These men are in their mid-twenties and decided to trek around the South part of the Ring Road in Iceland together on their bicycles. Coincidentally, we were all staying at the same campsite in the South-West region known as the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Here we shared travel stories, a little rum and lots of laughs. Although my two-week road trip was just beginning when we met, I could tell that their journey together started way before. The way they communicated and interacted with each other was comical and authentic. The three men were clearly apart of a niche brotherhood through their shared road experience. I was happy to be welcomed by these brothers into their traveling family about a week and a half later after finding and returning Jake's wallet about 125 miles from where we initially met! At this point, Rasmus had started his journey to return home, but Jake, Keith and I spent time bonding over local foods, music, and the culture in Reykjavik, Iceland. This taught me that no matter where I travel and how we may differ in appearance, lifestyles, or language that an authentic connection is one to nurture and cherish.


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Life Does Not Stop When the Greys Start

How many people do you know over 60 years old who are still living their best lives? No, they are not all sitting in front of their televisions all day or stuck up in nursing homes. In fact, some of them are probably living more now than they ever have ever lived in their earlier years!


Benny lives in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík and he is one of the most active people that I have ever met! He spends his days deep-sea swimming and his afternoons soaking in natural hot pots with friends in the beautiful green and blue Icelandic oceans.


Not only is he a diving testimony for people in his generation that life does not stop when the greys start, but he is also a great inspiration for those of us who are still young and feel rushed to get everything done in our twenties.

"Aging is an extraordinary process when you become the person you always should have been." - David Bowie.


Sea Sustaining The Heart of Höfn

Seventeen-year-old Iris Mist Byornspottir was one of the gems that Eley met on her recent trip to Iceland. Even at seventeen years old Iris sees the value in a detailed eye and dreaming big. During the summer months, Iris works at the local fish market in the small town of Höfn which supplies the neighborhood seafood restaurant. When she graduates she plans to expand her hands-on experiences with animals in Veterinarian school. Eley states that, "Iris is a down to earth and corky small-town girl who is determined to follow her dreams of establishing a clinic for animals in her home town.”

Iris Mist Byornspottir - Hofn_051.jpg
Iris Mist Byornspottir - Hofn_007.jpg
Iris Mist Byornspottir - Hofn_124.jpg
Iris Mist Byornspottir - Hofn_039.jpg
Bryndis Hilmarsd- Hofn_001.jpg
Iris Mist Byornspottir - Hofn_103.jpg
Iris Mist Byornspottir - Hofn_135.jpg
Iris Mist Byornspottir - Hofn_175_2.jpg
Iris Mist Byornspottir - Hofn_154.jpg

Greenhouse Magic in Iceland

Ari Thorsteinsson at his greenhouse in Höfn, Iceland.

Ari Thorsteinsson at his greenhouse in Höfn, Iceland.

In a world where so much hormones and chemicals have been injected into our food, we are still able to be pleasantly surprised by people like Ari Thorsteinssonan, Icelander from the town of Höfn who grows his own produce to supply his restaurant, “Humarhöfnin.”

How refreshing it was to see and experience the care and attention that is put into making a plate even before the fire is turned on. 


This type of process made me think about authenticity and how much of it still resides in the people around us through their passions, their personalities and even their food! 

The Heart of the Shop

The Heart of the Shop is a collaborative project between Eley Photo (Stephanie Eley) and TyDef Media (Tyrrell Harrell). This project focuses on Atlanta based rapper- Killer Mike and his barber shop - The Swag Shop.

Our goal was to create environmental portraits and a highlight video that encompassed the essence that this shop represents in Atlanta. Strength, liberation and talent within the black community. 

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The People I Met Yesterday

This grouping of images was shot around Atlanta on one of the first warm days of the season. People of every color and background were out excited to express themselves. This expression became evident through their clothing, the actions, and most of all their words.

Here's some shots from the people I encountered.

*All Imagery ©Stephanie Eley Photography 2018

Killer Mike's 420 Birthday Bash 2018

I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph Killer Mike's birthday party in Atlanta. Here are a few of my favorite documentary shots from the evening. 

How did you spend your 4/20?

*All imagery Copyright 2018 to Stephanie Eley Photography*

Atlanta Gun Safety March 2018

Went out with a fellow photographer Kaylinn Gillstrap, and shot the march for gun safety. Here is what I came home with....

What are your thoughts on gun control?

*All imagery ©Stephanie Eley

Marc Skid - A special kind of underwear

Today I would like to share with you my client Daniel Barry and his brand's success! Last year we worked on the launch campaign for his new underwear brand: Marc Skid. This brand's goal is to provide a high-quality product to the public that gives back to various charitable organizations. Each vibrantly colored garment in his line represents a different cause, including feeding, curing, and saving the world.


I was super excited when I recently received an email from Dan sharing an update on the brand. Having launched a few months ago people must be talking about this fun, sexy, and rewarding product- take a look at the recent news feature that was released on how amazing this product is!

If you can't get enough of how cool this is, be sure to look at the Marc Skid website itself to see the imagery that we created together and pick up your very own pair of panties!

Excited to see where you go Dan, congrats on all your success thus far.


Retouching My Headshots

I've had multiple people ask what my post-production process looks like. While each photos circumstance is unique and demands various revisions or techniques I've decided to share with you a sample of what that looks like. 

I always take my imagery through multiple programs before they get to you on the internet. 

From the camera to the web I'm usually using a combination of Capture One, Lightroom & Photoshop. The following video is an excerpt from retouching this gentleman in Photoshop CC. When I retouch headshots I am taking a closer look at my client's skin, hair, and the lighting. I address problem areas that include clarity and veins in eyes, fly-aways of the hair, scars, and blemishes. Though the creative trend is not to over retouch people today (Which I agree with) I also believe in creating an image that will best represent you on your best day and let's be honest - we all have days where we could use a little extra love.

In this video, you will see me blend skin tones and shape the light to my clients face. Watch until the end to see the before and after results.

If you're a photographer- What are you looking for when you retouch?

If you're not a creative- What do you think about seeing the behind the scenes of this? Would you be interested in seeing me post more of this?



Cruvie Clothing and the Swag Shop

Last night I went to rapper Killer Mike's Edgewood barber shop better know as the Swag Shop. This location is 2nd to the Southside location and Killer Mike and his team are working toward's releasing and additional 2 shops within Atlanta in 2018. I found this info out when I was speaking with his barbers and his marketing team about the unique identity of the shop in preparation for an upcoming shoot. What is unique to this location is that a lot of college kids come to this location in addition to people looking for a classic barber experience -- like the "ole days" where people could relax, unwind, and find therapy and trust in the chairs. This parallels the Southside shop which is targeted towards family experience where they hand out Hotwheel's cars to the kids that come in for appointments. With that being said the Edgewood Swag Shop offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to have their own pop-up show. Every Thursday during the month of September they have had local talent come in to market their creativity and this week my personal friend "Cruv" has his work up.

Cruv is the creator of Cruvie Clothing- Cruvie Clothing Co. was founded in 2013 by Atlanta native Tony Cruver. Cruvie's clothing is designed to speak for itself. Cruv's main goal is to create unique clothing that spills strength, positivity, and influences unity.  Check out his online shop and see some of my favorite tops that represent the various areas around Atlanta be it Decatur, West Side, or College Park. 

Here is a link to his website where you can choose your favorite top!


Shots of Cruv, his garments, and the Swag Shop pop up show.

Growl Bros

A local Atlalien that I know and look up to (Justin Weaver) and his business partner (Chris McClure) have a brand together called GrowlBros. I have been following Justin and Chris for about a year now on their social media platforms. The work that they create that I am constantly attracted to and inspired by continues to motivate me on my personal journey to seek out and develop quality concepts and content. I LOVE their documentary and travel stories. They create photographs—portraits, product shots, adventure and documentary narratives and have worked with companies such as  Fruit of the Loom, Newell Rubbermaid, Travel Alberta, the Wall Street Journal, and Pat-the-Craigslist-taxidermist. 

Today I am excited to share with you their recent photographic story that was published in Victory Journal about an Atlanta Falcon's Home Game. Check out the visuals here: and let me know what you think!

Here's a couple of my favorite shots from their story but you can see more of their work at: or follow them on Instagram : @growlbros




The West End Portraits

A good friend of mine and photojournalist (Jarrett Christian) went to the West End of Atlanta earlier this year to take some portraits. We were inspired to do this out of our personal interests- Jarrett and I are both passionate about portraiture and storytelling. These are the individuals that I had the pleasure to meet while in between a thrift store and a beauty supply shop in the West End. While most shared their stories of triumph or disappointment with me others were purely interested in who this strange woman was and what I was doing with a backdrop in the middle of their neighborhood on a Wednesday morning.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this shoot- and if you know of a place in town that has great characters that I should visit comment below with your suggestions.

Things All Creators Must Know + Believe


Recently I have decided to set asside my Soundclound and Spotify owhile I am editing and retouching my projects. I've said so long to my Top 100 and Festival Favorite Playlists so that I could fill my head with a new information. I have now found myself excited to hear Creative Podcasts. If you have shared some of the same frustrations as myself - being creatively drained - lacking business skills - confused on how to build your networks - or needing inspiration I'd encourage you to join me on this new journey of information!

The podcast that I tuned into today is called the Chase Jarvis LIVE Show. His show explores what makes some of the world's top creative entrepreneurs, artists, and authors thrive. The show that I listened to today fell very close to heart for me... his fresh and honest perspective is exactly what I needed to hear. He speaks about how to rise above and keep your creative title in the industry.

I'd highly recommend that you check August 11th's podcast out titled "Things All Creators Must Know and Believe". Here's a link to the show. 

I hope that it is equally as inspiring for you as it was myself. Feel free to drop me a comment- I'd love to hear what part of this podcast struck a nerve for you and how you are going to push yourself to stay creative in blazing your own trail.


Happy Listening,

Stephanie Eley, M.F.A


AIJCast- Features Stephanie Eley photographer/activist

Marthame Sanders

Marthame Sanders

Stephanie Eley

Stephanie Eley

This week I was featured on the aijcast- a podcast that features conversations with artists about what inspires us and how we address justice through our creativity ran by Marthame Sanders. He is an Atlanta-based dad, artist, and pastor. A graduate of Yale University and the University of Chicago, Marthame has served in ministry as international mission staff, youth director, and solo pastor. aijcast is his latest project, seeking to unite his passion for faith, art, and justice. Marthame and his wife, Elizabeth, keep busy parenting their two sons, ages 7 and 11, who are awesome but—let’s be honest—kind of immature. Marthame enjoys writing music, improvising on stage, and the fact that his two sons give him cover to play with Legos®. He will tell anyone who will listen (and some who won’t) about the documentary film series he and Elizabeth produced. Unfortunately, his bragging undermines his “street cred.”

I had a great time speaking with Marthame Sanders on this podcast. He is a great host- passionate, honest, humble and insightful. His genuine personality allowed me to feel comfortable and confident to express my opinions on topics such as social politics, empathy and the field of photography.


Check out the link below to hear the episode featuring me and if 

you like it please share your comments below. I would love to hear your feedback. 


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If you want to hear more and stay informed with this powerful podcast subscribe to the aijcast to hear from the other artists he interviews here: AijCast



Happy Listening!
Stephanie Eley