Retouching My Headshots

I've had multiple people ask what my post-production process looks like. While each photos circumstance is unique and demands various revisions or techniques I've decided to share with you a sample of what that looks like. 

I always take my imagery through multiple programs before they get to you on the internet. 

From the camera to the web I'm usually using a combination of Capture One, Lightroom & Photoshop. The following video is an excerpt from retouching this gentleman in Photoshop CC. When I retouch headshots I am taking a closer look at my client's skin, hair, and the lighting. I address problem areas that include clarity and veins in eyes, fly-aways of the hair, scars, and blemishes. Though the creative trend is not to over retouch people today (Which I agree with) I also believe in creating an image that will best represent you on your best day and let's be honest - we all have days where we could use a little extra love.

In this video, you will see me blend skin tones and shape the light to my clients face. Watch until the end to see the before and after results.

If you're a photographer- What are you looking for when you retouch?

If you're not a creative- What do you think about seeing the behind the scenes of this? Would you be interested in seeing me post more of this?