Things All Creators Must Know + Believe


Recently I have decided to set asside my Soundclound and Spotify owhile I am editing and retouching my projects. I've said so long to my Top 100 and Festival Favorite Playlists so that I could fill my head with a new information. I have now found myself excited to hear Creative Podcasts. If you have shared some of the same frustrations as myself - being creatively drained - lacking business skills - confused on how to build your networks - or needing inspiration I'd encourage you to join me on this new journey of information!

The podcast that I tuned into today is called the Chase Jarvis LIVE Show. His show explores what makes some of the world's top creative entrepreneurs, artists, and authors thrive. The show that I listened to today fell very close to heart for me... his fresh and honest perspective is exactly what I needed to hear. He speaks about how to rise above and keep your creative title in the industry.

I'd highly recommend that you check August 11th's podcast out titled "Things All Creators Must Know and Believe". Here's a link to the show. 

I hope that it is equally as inspiring for you as it was myself. Feel free to drop me a comment- I'd love to hear what part of this podcast struck a nerve for you and how you are going to push yourself to stay creative in blazing your own trail.


Happy Listening,

Stephanie Eley, M.F.A