Cruvie Clothing and the Swag Shop

Last night I went to rapper Killer Mike's Edgewood barber shop better know as the Swag Shop. This location is 2nd to the Southside location and Killer Mike and his team are working toward's releasing and additional 2 shops within Atlanta in 2018. I found this info out when I was speaking with his barbers and his marketing team about the unique identity of the shop in preparation for an upcoming shoot. What is unique to this location is that a lot of college kids come to this location in addition to people looking for a classic barber experience -- like the "ole days" where people could relax, unwind, and find therapy and trust in the chairs. This parallels the Southside shop which is targeted towards family experience where they hand out Hotwheel's cars to the kids that come in for appointments. With that being said the Edgewood Swag Shop offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to have their own pop-up show. Every Thursday during the month of September they have had local talent come in to market their creativity and this week my personal friend "Cruv" has his work up.

Cruv is the creator of Cruvie Clothing- Cruvie Clothing Co. was founded in 2013 by Atlanta native Tony Cruver. Cruvie's clothing is designed to speak for itself. Cruv's main goal is to create unique clothing that spills strength, positivity, and influences unity.  Check out his online shop and see some of my favorite tops that represent the various areas around Atlanta be it Decatur, West Side, or College Park. 

Here is a link to his website where you can choose your favorite top!


Shots of Cruv, his garments, and the Swag Shop pop up show.