Bonded by Cycling not by Blood


This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Jake (left) and Keith from the UK (right) and Rasmus from Germany (middle).

These men are in their mid-twenties and decided to trek around the South part of the Ring Road in Iceland together on their bicycles. Coincidentally, we were all staying at the same campsite in the South-West region known as the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Here we shared travel stories, a little rum and lots of laughs. Although my two-week road trip was just beginning when we met, I could tell that their journey together started way before. The way they communicated and interacted with each other was comical and authentic. The three men were clearly apart of a niche brotherhood through their shared road experience. I was happy to be welcomed by these brothers into their traveling family about a week and a half later after finding and returning Jake's wallet about 125 miles from where we initially met! At this point, Rasmus had started his journey to return home, but Jake, Keith and I spent time bonding over local foods, music, and the culture in Reykjavik, Iceland. This taught me that no matter where I travel and how we may differ in appearance, lifestyles, or language that an authentic connection is one to nurture and cherish.


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